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Cat Dresses

The Cat Dresses are some of ABBA's most iconic outfits, and when I first made my ABBA dolls, I knew I needed to make these outfits ASAP.  As you can probably guess, I've attempted to make the cat dresses several times over the past 9 years.  Today we'll be taking a quick walk through memory lane, and then you'll see my newest attempt. :3

I'm not sure if I've ever shared pictures of the first ones I've ever made, and they're honestly so cringe worthy, but it's worth a laugh, so here they are:
 I probably made them around late 2011/early 2012, and I did not pay any attention to detail back then.  I had a basic tunic pattern I made that I used for pretty much all of my ABBA costumes back then, and painted on cats that did not resemble the original cats at all with blue and orange acrylic paint.  I decided to paint belts of the same colors around the waist part of the top.  Then using scrap stretchy fabric from one of my Mom's leftover sewing projec…

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