Willa the Wellie Wisher

American Girl first launched their new doll line, Wellie Wishers, in June of 2016. I remember when we took a trip to the American Girl store a year later and saw the Wellie Wishers in person.  I don't think I was overly interested in the dolls, but they're really cute.
Wellie Wishers sell for $60 at the American Girl store, so they're pretty pricey.  Not as expensive as American Girl Dolls, but still pretty expensive for a 14" doll.  So you can imagine how surprising it was to find a Wellie Wisher for $5 at Savers one day. 

I wasn't entirely sure if I'd get it, but then I thought, it's not every day that you find a $60 doll for a 6th of the price!  So we brought her home.

Meet Willa.  She came with her original shirt, but none of her other clothing items and accessories.  Surprisingly she can fit some of our cloth dolls' clothing, so she's wearing a pair of denim shorts I made ages ago.  She was in fairly good condition.  Her hair needed a little TLC, so I brushed it out and recurled it, and now she looks pretty good.


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