Summer Night City

I'm back with the completed version of Frida's outfit from the end of 1978-early 1979.  I actually finished this outfit way before I finished Agnetha's, just I had some trouble finding one last item for her outfit and didn't want to post it when it wasn't 100% complete.

As with Agnetha's outfit, I have made 2 versions of this outfit in the past.  Both times I had the right idea, I just wasn't very good at sewing back then so... they're not the greatest things in the world.

This outfit is made almost identical to Agnetha's one, same glittery fabric for the jacket, blue stretchy material for the jumpsuit, and this time I took a strip of the fabric to use as a choker.
 My second attempt at the outfit was a little better, but it was made out of a non-stretch cotton, so I couldn't get it on very well.
For the jacket, I used some stretchy, shiny white fabric for the details, like the cuffs and lapels.  Turns out that the white on the cuffs is actually just Frida choosing to roll up her sleeves sometimes, so I didn't have to add them.
And now my third and most likely final attempt at the outfit.  This time I paid a lot more attention to Frida's outfit and did my best to replicate it as best I can.  And can I just say how happy I am with the way it turned out?

This choker is what delayed me from uploading Frida's outfit.  Frida's choker has a small pendant at the front, and I was looking all over (Walmart, my own button collection, my grandmother's button collection) for something that would look good and enough like the one on Frida's.  Eventually I got a set of gold buttons from Walmart, and I painted the edges silver with spray paint to get the desired look.  I think it came out pretty well.

For the jacket (that never likes to stay closed, lol), I lined the inside, something I never really do for doll clothes, because the lining and the lapels of Frida's outfit are white.  To get the quilting?? pattern that's all over Frida's jacket, I actually put a strip of felt in between the black and white satin, and then before assembling the jacket, sewed on the diamond pattern using white thread and then colored it in with a black fabric pen on the black side so it blend in.

The inside of the jacket.

A closeup of the pattern.  You can still kinda see the white thread, but depending on the lighting, it's not very noticable.

Frida's jumpsuit, which is made out of a nice stretchy black material, as well as black ribbon for the straps.

For the silver details, I used more of the glass beads that I used on Agnetha's outfit and sewed them on all around the collar and down the straps just like the details on Frida's actual outfit.

And that's all for now.  I really, really like the way Frida's outfit turned out, and I hope to finish up the guys' outfits really soon!


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